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Our Mission

“To empower ‘The Individual’ in every area of the industry
for inner & outer success; while establishing systems that connect
‘Independent Productions’ to mass audiences – also in cinemas – globally.

the Individual

In 2020, media is about as dark and manipulative as it’s ever been. It’s rife with corporate cultural conditioning, geo-political agendas and worse. This is all delivered with cutting-edge techniques devised by the world’s leading psychologists and public relations firms.

Ciné Tribe Global’s Mastermind is putting ‘The Individual’ back in the center and nourishing unaffiliated content that can contribute to a healthy, enlightened humanity (even when exploring dark themes).

We want inspired content, from free thinkers; independent people who live authentic lives and seek to express what they find. Audiences are waiting!

Essential Principles

To see that the Mastermind stays effective and on mission, membership is governed by a few essential principles:


The primary focus of the Mastermind experience will be your eight person group; although engaging the total network in various ways is also integral.

All that’s required from you is ‘Genuine Investment in Each Other’s Success,’ which is explored each week during a 70 minute video conference call with the other seven members in your group.

In addition to this ‘gathering’ each week, you might carry out small actions for one another in your spare time.

The power of our process flows from your ability to understand and champion each other’s success; this is the magic creating paradigm shift.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

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